About Us

Smart Commerce Solutions came into a purposeful existence to enable businesses globally to adopt technology solutions to their processes. We specialize in product development and automating business processes on Web and Mobile. Our suite of products is suited for Startups, SMEs and large corporations.

Launched in the year 2009, we have demonstrated consistent performance and profitability. Our stability also stems from our proven reliability with long standing customer relationships spanning several years.

At SCS, product is our passion. We love building products for our customers. Products that are not built for the market, but for you. We believe that products should serve the business and not the other way, where business processes are expected to adapt to the product workflow. So, we don’t just give you products. We empower you to build a product that ‘works’ for you. And in this, we do it with you. And stay with you long after it is done.

Our products are neat, compact, comprehensive and affordable.

Our Commitment


To be a world class product company


Products and Solutions with World class UX, Simple and Reliable

Go to Market activities that make the product accessible for our customer segments


Our clients ‘rate’ us on their experience of working with us!

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