How Does Smart Stars Work​?

admin | October 18, 2018

Smart Stars is our thriving customer insights application that helps your business in the collection, automation and analyzation of all your customer feedbacks and queries. We help in bringing you solutions to your customer drawbacks in order to provide your customers with a memorable buying journey with you.

This product helps you to efficiently understand your customers and successfully track their satisfaction through predictive tools, data insights and engagement strategies.

Smart Stars encompasses the entire customer journey thoroughly and drives customer satisfaction through its insights. First, Smart Stars compiles all customer feedback related to your business.

Smart Stars then analyzes all the collected feedback and gain an insight as to which process satisfied your customers and which ones disappointed them. After acquiring insights, Smart Stars helps you take corrective actions which will improve your business’s customer satisfying processes.

With an intuitive user interface that allows role-based access, Smart Stars will help you in reaching customers via phone, SMS, email and more. With the feature of easy integration with external systems and services, Smart Stars offers best-in-class security with a two-factor authentication.

Smart Stars is a comprehensive customer experience management software that covers all roles to enable a fully managed loop of feedback to enable a complete satisfying customer buying journey that ultimately leads to rewards for your business.

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