Be more than what you are for your customers.

We constantly look out to partner with like-minded businesses who are keen to add more value to their customers.

We know you already enjoy great customer relationships because of what you do. What if you could give them a little more now? In the past few months, our partners have liked what we have done for their business and their customers.

Partner with us

Why Partner?

Increased Revenue

Generates a new revenue stream for your business by taking our product to your customers. You don’t have to sell it. Your clients get the benefit of automation at an affordable price, along with a dedicated support team.

Greater Opportunities

This partnership creates two-way marketing opportunities, access to geographical market research and information-sharing between us to enable a wider market reach.

Customer Delight

Our effective customized solutions will match seamlessly with your client requirements. Also, your customers can enjoy the same world class features as large enterprise-class apps. The result? Happier customers!

How it Works

As our partner, you can focus on doing what you do best – wow your clients with good advice and solutions. We back you with implementation, support and management. Go out and sell with confidence!

Partner with us
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