With automation now becoming a business necessity, companies are faced with several questions –
Where do we start?
Do we start at all?
How to understand which process needs automation?

Process Automation is the digitization of any manual process in a way that centralizes information within an organization. A business could choose to automate anything from a simple electronic filing system to streamlining all workflows within a department. Following are the common reasons why most businesses turn to automation

  1. Minimize the possible risk that human errors bring along with its associated costs and inefficiencies.
  2. Multiply the speed of completing processes so as to refocus man-hours on other important tasks.
  3. Track, monitor and report all your processes.
  4. Enforce accountability and establish a coherent approval hierarchy.
  5. Streamline communication in your business processes.
  6. Ability to take proactive measures

Any activity such as HR management, Sales, Inventory management, Leads management, complaint management, Quotation management, etc., usually benefit from automation.

For example, if you decide to automate inventory or stock management, it means finding a way to strip out manual processes such as data entry every time there is an addition or depletion in stock. What fits one organization doesn’t necessarily fit another. That is exactly why companies need to invest in customizing their application. Spending some time analyzing company-wide trends and volumes by department is a great place to start figuring out what works best for your organization. Below are the 4 most important questions you should ask yourself before starting the automation process –

  1. What systems are currently in place? Existing workflows, methods adopted, equipment used and computer programs running.
  2. What do you intend to achieve through automation?
  3. What level of automation would be acceptable when replacing the process? Decide if your business and its employees are ready for a full automation.
  4. How many people are involved in the process at the moment? For instance if it’s inventory, then how many people need to access the system or how many devices can the system login support at once.
  5. How is the information being distributed, both inside and outside the business?

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