Studies show that about 80% of leads from marketing are abandoned by sales for being unqualified. While sales networks complain of poor lead quality, your marketing team finds it difficult to justify their significant marketing investments because of poor lead closure rates.

But these closure rates could improve.
With Smart Platform, your team can generate quality leads that are truly sales-ready. Our lead management system will help you find your next customers. With lead details and interactions in one centralized integrated platform, you can score quality leads so that your sales teams can prioritize their outreach. Start using Smart Platform’s lead management tools to organize and prioritize your leads.

Using Smart Platform, you can –

  1. See every detail about a lead in a single contact profile with a chronological timeline of every touch-point between a lead and your brand.
  2. Engage in powerful email marketing campaigns that work to keep your brand on top of your prospect’s minds even when you are busy with other tasks.
  3. Get insights into lead behavior as Smart Platform’s automation software tracks lead behavior across various touch-points to give you a complete perspective profile.
  4. Segment and nurture your leads to grow your database. Our all-in-one contact intelligence makes it easy to build targeted lists, automate your email campaigns, and expand your database.
  5. Smart Platform makes it easy for your sales team to identify the most qualified leads by assigning lead scores. Using these scores, you can prioritize follow-up for your sales team or set up workflows to notify reps when their prospects reach a certain lead score threshold.

Smart Platform is everything you need to convert leads, only faster!

The first stage of any sales process is capturing and gathering leads. Our lead management tool will help you quickly capture, qualify, and build a relationship with your leads so you can guide them through a seamless journey that will help them become a customer.
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