The significance of custom applications has never been so prominent than in the present times. Custom applications & software give a highly-focused solution to a particular problem – especially a small business. Not only do most business systems now run almost entirely on software, but mobile apps and other digital touchpoints powered by the software are being used progressively to deliver efficiency, make work easy, unlock new possibilities, facilitate the customer and improve customer satisfaction. Customization involves not only choosing tools that would best benefit your small business but also creating a system that is designed around the way your business works and integrating it into your existing software.

Custom v/s Ready-to-use App Solution

For most small businesses, it is crucial to be smart with their tight budget. So, choosing a ready-to-use solution for the unique business problems of a small business could possibly cause problems down the road. Supporters of ready-to-use app consider it a competitive advantage to get your offerings to the market faster than your competition. But, that’s not the case. Ready-to-use apps simply cannot provide your small business with the same competitive advantage as a custom app because of the simple fact that it sometimes is overkill. It expects to business to wrap their process around its workflows and that is a big shift. If you’re thinking long term, the only way to digitize your business is through a custom route especially in those areas where you want to innovate or differentiate from the competition.

Merging with Existing Software

Use a custom app solution rather than off-the-shelf software, if your business runs on multiple software applications. The chances of ready-to-use apps meeting your exact needs are slim. The only way to guarantee the merging between your existing apps and a new one is through the development of a custom solution; one that is built to anticipate and adapt wherever and whenever it is needed.

Growth Potential

For most small business owners, the goal is to grow their business. Custom app solutions are conducive to seamless, steady business growth. In fact, it is scalable. Also, if selling your business is your end goal, then having a proprietary custom app is an added value to potential investors. If you are a small business owner looking for a custom app solution that is affordable, you’ve come to the right platform! Smart Platform has helped small businesses grow using customized app solutions. We’d love to help you too! Call us at +91 97310 31313 or email us at Get in touch today!