What was the problem faced?

A leading global apparel company approached our team with an issue wherein their global ERP implementation could not meet India’s specific GST requirement. It turned out that their source ERP system generates only one credit note that comprised of multiple invoices. Whereas the GST portal requires that a credit note is mapped only to a single invoice. The client was unable to manually reconcile the credit note as it needed to be done at the item line level. This problem leads to the client unable to file GST returns. For eg, 10 T-shirts that are shipped must be matched against the same 10 T-shirts received back in the credit note.

How did Smart Platform help?

After a clear understanding of the issue, a simple custom solution was created that enabled the company to upload all their invoices and credit notes in the Smart platform. The custom-made system automatically mapped their credit noted to invoices and generated a unique credit note number which could be distinctly uploaded to the GST portal.

What was the benefit of the solution?

This customized, last-mile technology solution provided by the Smart Platform helped the client ease their manual workload and seamlessly provide the input data to their ERP and GST portal.

How can Smart Platform help you?

Smart Platform offers GST related solutions to retail and FMCG companies. Many businesses or departments recognize the need for such solutions that go beyond their corporate IT requirement to a more departmental level solution.

If your business is in need of similar solutions, reach out to Smart Platform at info@smartcommercesolutions.com or call us at +919731031313.

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