What was the problem faced?

Designia is one of the leading interior retail brands that deals in laminate and surface decor materials. Their existing quotation preparation was a manual process which made it very tedious, time-consuming, and error-prone. Also, their manual process made it difficult to track the conversions.

The customer looked at several options to address this problem

  • Off the shelf market apps were too complex and too expensive for his business.
  • The customer had to change his internal processes to be able to use these readymade apps.
  • Any custom development would take him too long and turned out to be expensive.

How did Smart Platform help?

After an evaluation of the business requirements, the Smart Platform came up with a custom solution for Designia that could be used for the preparation of their quotation, purchase orders, and to manage business associates. The following features were configured on the Smart Platform:

  • Creation of quotation forms that was specific to their every business need.
  • Generation of PDF quotation in Designia’s template down to exact fonts.
  • Automated sending of the quotation from the system as PDF.
  • Integration of SMS for notifying customers that their quotations have been sent

What was the benefit of the solution?

With the customized solution provided, Designia is able to generate quotations & POs now in just a few minutes and track their sales executives better for conversion. The solution also provided the management with a clear understanding of the various stages of the different quotations and their path to conversion. This helped the company take up necessary interventions and speed up their overall sales processes.

How can Smart Platform help you?

Smart Platform offers customized solutions to retail and FMCG companies for their quotation & PO management. Many businesses recognize the need for such solutions that go beyond their IT departments and opt for our services.

Highlights of Smart Platform

  • Custom solution – means we build it to suit your business.
  • Managed solution – means we host it and manage it for you.
  • Affordable solution – monthly subscription payment model to ease your cash flows.
  • Scalable solution – means we can keep extending the app as your business grows.
  • Ease of integration – means what we build for you integrates easily with other software that you may be using at present.

If your business is in need of similar solutions, reach out to Smart Platform at info@smartcommercesolutions.com or call us at +919731031313.

For more information, check out our website www.smartcommercesolutions.com.

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